Scenic Drives

Scenic Drives in Lemhi County

Salmon River Scenic Byway

The Salmon River Scenic Byway begins at Lost Trail Pass (elevation 6,995 feet) on the Montana border continuing south through Gibbonsville, North fork, Salmon, Elk Bend, Challis and ending in Stanley, Idaho where three scenic byways meet. As you descent from the top of Lost Trail Pass, witness the same majestic views that have changed little since the famous Lewis and Clark expedition traveled this way over 200 years ago. The Salmon River Scenic Byway offers many opportunities for camping, dining, shopping, and outdoor adventures along the way making this Salmon River Scenic Byway drive an ideal Idaho Vacation destination.  Click here for Salmon River Scenic Byway Attractions, Services, Camping & Lodging

Lewis & Clark Back Country Byway

This is a 3 hour round-trip drive on a scenic gravel road from Highway 28 in Tendoy Idaho. Discover on this national historic landmark along the Lewis and Clark Trail the birthplace of Sacajewea who helped Lewis and Clark successfully arrive at and return from the Pacific Ocean. Stand on the continental divide where the waters meet, and where Lewis & Clark unfurled the United States flag for the very first time West of the great Rocky Mountains. Backpacking trails, and stunning views of the Salmon River, mountain ranges, Lemhi Pass, meadows, wildlife and wildflowers await your arrival. Click here for Lewis and Clark Back country Byway Attractions, Services, Camping & Lodging 

Sacajawea Historic Byway

To kick off the Sacajawea Historic Byway drive start out at the famous Sacajawea Center in Salmon Idaho dedicated to honoring and providing education about Sacajawea, an Agai Dika Lemhi Shoshone woman and her role in Lewis and Clark travels and Corps of Discover. Then continue on to Idaho Hwy 28 for 120 miles to then head west on Idaho 22  for approximately  12 miles. Click here for Sacajawea Historic Byway Attractions, Services, Camping & Lodging




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