Lemhi County Idaho History

Lemhi County covering nearly 3 million acres of land is named after Fort Lemhi (Fort Limhi), a remote Mormon missionary settlement in operation from 1855-58 in the Bannock and Shoshone Indian territory. Lemhi County was established in 1869 and possesses many remnants, scenic byways, historical sites and museums to remind us of days gone by.  Lemhi County history includes Lewis and Clark Trails, Sacajawea birth place, the now defunct Gilmore and Pittsburgh Railroad, gold mining, and ranching.

Today residents and visitors vacationing in Lemhi County Idaho can experience the past by traveling the scenic byways featuring historical points of interest; through adventures such as Salmon River fishing and Salmon River Rafting trips; along with visiting historical sites, and ghost towns along with ever changing displays at the Lemhi County Museum and special events held at the Sacajawea Interpretive Center.

Salmon Idaho rich in history and heritage is a great Idaho vacation destination with many remnants of the past on display and in their natural setting in a land touched little by time, when the West was bustling with Gold mining activity. After the gold mining boom ranching and lumber industry became the way of life in the Salmon area.

Historical points of interest to see on your Salmon Idaho vacation are:

In the town of Salmon Idaho
Sacajawea Interpretive Center – Featuring
Lemhi County Museum – Featuring
Salmon History Park – Featuring
North Fork Idaho
Scenic Vistas and ATV / Hiking Trails include Burns Gulch, Ditch Creek, Fourth of July, Hughes Creek, Hulls Creek, Indian Creek, Lick Creek, Ulysses Lookout, Wagonhammer Trail
Leadore Idaho
North Fork Idaho 
Shoup Idaho Discover Shoup the first thriving gold mining town in Lemhi County, named after Idaho’s Governor George L Shoup.  Travel west at North Fork to visit Shoup by car and enjoy a famous Shoup Store milkshake and explore old gold mines.  Feeling more adventurous, choose a Salmon River Rafting trip where the river guides will stop at Shoup allowing time for exploring an old gold mine and give a gold panning demonstration

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